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Teaching Philosophy for my  Saxophone Lessons in London.

I'm really passionate about education. A few years ago, I started teaching saxophone privately in London to people of all ages and backgrounds. Since then, my main goal has been to connect music with my students' daily lives and activities, making it a meaningful part of their routines.

As an educator, I strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where my students can learn and grow comfortably. It's important to me that they feel free to be themselves and know that making mistakes is all part of the learning process.

But why does this matter so much to me? Well, as a saxophone teacher, I see myself more as a guide and a conversation partner than just someone giving lessons. I genuinely believe that I can learn as much from my students as they can from me. So, I let them have a say in what music they want to explore and what specific aspects they're interested in learning. Music means different things to different people, so I love hearing their personal connections to the tunes. This way, they can blend their unique experiences to create a deeper, more personal understanding of their music.

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Saxophone Lessons in London
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